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Minibus Hire Headingley

For 15 years, Travel Eaze has provided reliable and top notch taxi Headingley services to different customers. We have the best chauffeurs and our modern taxi fleet is second to none.

In Headingley, individuals and group travellers turn to Travel Eaze for professional taxi travel services. We operate 24 hours, and we run a fleet that is unmatched in the entire city. You have the prerogative to pick any vehicle model you want. We offer services backed up by our customer service team that works round the clock. You will get your taxi in 30 minutes even if you call past midnight. Our drivers know Headingley like the back of their hands; they will take you to any address or location without refereeing to any map. We have expert travel agents who will listen to your trip needs, assess them, and provide useful insights. We try as much as we can to match your budget to a viable taxi model without compromising your comfort and convenience.

Executive Taxi

Travel Eaze will provide you with the executive taxi services you need. We know that you want to tour the city in style. As such, we have professionally managed VIP taxi services. The services aren’t a preserve for the corporate traveller. You can pick the VIP models and travel to weddings, sports events ort night partiers and still afford the rates.

Taxi Headingly

Chose Travel Eaze for all your taxi travel services day and night. We offer 24-hour services, and we are available in emergency situations. Our fleet of taxis caters to the needs of solo and group travellers. Check out our quotes online, and we will use them to calculate what you have to pay eventually. We rely on technology to make booking easy.

8-9 Seat Minibus Hire

Are you tired of riding out in the family van and you have to hassle for fuel and parking costs? Travel Eaze offers you quick relief with the 9 passenger minibus. We offer a driver and you don’t have to pay or designate an additional driver to man your trip. This minibus gives you the space you need and the savvy features on board make your trip comfy.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

The moment you hire this minibus, your group of 12 can relax knowing it’s a door to door service offer. We perform better than public means, and we get to your pick up from your point of reference. These buses come with safety features including 3-point seatbelts, airbags and GPS tracker.

14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

The bigger the group, the more you need to choose this minibus option if you want everybody to ride in a relaxed manner. Don’t squeeze your group into a second rate minibus with limited passenger and luggage space. Our minibus guarantees you full value for your money.

16-18 Seater Minibus Hire

Travel Eaze provides the 18 seater minibus for larger groups. These vehicles are designed to offer bigger luggage storage spaces and the stability on the road is excellent. We offer more cost saving options and our drivers will navigate Headingley roads expertly and with no incidents. This is an ideal airport taxi for a group with 18 passengers. Call us.

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