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Executive Taxi

Come to Travel Eaze and enjoy the executive taxi services that suits your ravel needs in Leeds. We offer refined taxi services in top of the range taxi models, and our VIP services are affordable to all.

The moment you land in Leeds and you need to travel around in all comfort and luxury, it’s important that you choose a taxi service company with reputable executive taxi packages. Not every operator claiming to offer exquisite VIP services will deliver quality. If you come to Travel Eaze, we will live up to our promise of providing your corporate group or adventure band the best VIP travel treatment in Leeds.

Before you choose a taxi operator to offer you executive taxi services, you need to look at a few aspects. First off, you need to be sure that the taxi firm takes time to understand what a traveller a group needs. Travel Eaze never relies on guesswork, but we take time to interact with our executive class customers on a personal level. This guarantees you that every detail and specification you make will be included in the vehicle that picks you when you land.

We Have the Resources and the Assets

A taxi firm that delivers exclusive taxi services needs to have the resources and assets. Don’t expect some back of the alley outfit to be fully equipped in terms of vehicles and professional drivers. You want a company like Travel Eaze that keeps replenishing its VIP fleet year in and out. There is no single occasion that we will pick you up in a vehicle that doesn’t meet our standards and yours. If we do, we won’t bill you. The good news is that all our refined vehicle models are at your disposal, you can pick what you want anytime in Harrogate and Morley.

Vehicles Serviced and Repaired Every Week

The fact that you are traveling in an executive taxi doesn’t mean your trip cannot be interrupted by unavoidable circumstances. Travel Eaze knows that it can be disheartening to stall on the way due to repeat mechanical issues. Our fleet of VIP vehicles is serviced and repaired every week. Our engineers ensure that these taxis can run days on end without presenting mechanical faults when you least expect them. What’s more, you can claim your money back if you feel that your delay is as a result of our negligence.

24-Hour Services

The VIP taxi service offered by Travel Eaze runs all day every day in Castleford or Headingley. You don’t have to make do with taxi companies that limit their working hours and mileage. We strive to offer a door to door service regardless of your location or destination across Leeds. Call us to pick your business delegation early in the wee hours of the morning, and we will be there ahead of time. If you have a night time emergency and you want the impeccable Audi 7 model to drop you at the airport, we will oblige instantly.

With executive taxi services, you expect them to deliver above the average services. Travel Eaze has incorporated technology into the daily operations in an effort to refine service delivery. You can book your VIP minibus from the other end of the world. The smartphone booking app makes it easier and cost effective. Contact us today.


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